Mr. Jody says YES


I called Mr.Jody (Head Master of Junior High School of Lihunu Village) not knowing how he would react to my question: “Can I visit you and your students in the next days and maybe ask you to help us cleaning the beach and sorting the plastic? “ I really thought it would be less easy: he was simply enthusiastic, and the next days I walked with Elmar from Coral Eye to the school - an half hour walk in the jungle - without neither a clear idea on what to tell them, but we made a deal: two Saturdays per month 15 students will join Coral Eye beach cleaning and will learn how and especially why to sort the trash.

Mr. Jody told me they already have a “cleaning program” at the school, so basically once a while they camp on a beach, collect the plastic and then…make a fire. I’ve figured a bonfire of plastic with all the kids around, and I shyly ask him: “Do you know that burning plastic generates toxic fumes?” He had no idea.