Not for nothing

Efforts made by volunteers, kids and guests, haven’t been for nothing.

Dirty hands, back pain, sun burned skin, haven’t been for nothing.

Counting bags, weighting bags, carrying bags, haven’t been for nothing.

We shaken hands on it and now it’s official:

CV. Daur Sinar Gemilang (one of sister company of Megamas Group in Manado) agreed to take care of Bangka Island’s sorted trash!!!!!!!!!

The first time I met Amelia, I expected a formal meeting in a coffee shop in Manado but it turned out to be a completely informal appointment, at her place, just before she had Sunday lunch with her family. She spoke with me about her new company that just started in June 2018; they have been collecting plastic bottles, aluminium, paper and packaging boxes from hotels, restaurants, banks and many other office building in Manado.

I then invited her to our island, to have a look at our sorting station and to better explain her the initiative: how did it start, who is involved and what is our goal. It turned out that we have similar project ideas for the future, and hopefully this is just a start of a great collaboration!

We fixed the first pick-up of sorted recyclable material (together with other resorts on Bangka, nearly 250 bags of 60liter each!) and she kept the promise:

The 13th of November a truck collected everything and on 14th November the first pressed plastic batch was sent to Jakarta!

We believe in the next generation!


The new school year started with a presentation on plastic in the environment at the Lothar-von-Kübel middle school in Sinzheim, Germany. 450 very interested pupils and their parents followed marine biologist Dr. Miriam Weber's talk about her experiences related to plastic pollution in the sea. It’s not just a problem for the animals living in the ocean but also for humans.

Causes, effects and solution were discussed: No-Trash Triangle as lighthouse project!